Coaching Services

Initial Consultation (required for each plan)

One time fee of $100 includes:


  • Goal Setting
  • Race Prioritization
  • Development of Annual Training Plan
  • Athlete Information Background
  • Explanation of Yearly Plan
  • Account Set Up on Training Peaks

























Coaching plans


Team MSP:

  • 5-10 minute phone call once a month with USAT Certified coach. Team discounts on clothing, fuel, and all things triathlon...Saris, Trek, First Endurance Pro.
  • All 3 Sports, MSP weekend 30% off
  • Monthly social functions, clinics and group activities.
  • Access to order Team MSP clothing.
  • All multi and single sport athletes are automatically part of Team MSP.
  • If annual Team MSP member decides on monthly coaching, the annual fee will be prorated and subtracted from the first month fee.

$120 a year



multi-sport plan:

  • Bi-weekly Schedule
  • Specific/Detailed Workouts using Training Peaks
  • Email Feedback
  • One Hour Personal Coaching Session
  • Phone Consultations
  • Adjustments based on Performance
  • Race Day Strategy

$250 per month for a level 1 coach






  • for one sport only and is ideal for the athlete who might be looking to increase their Efficiency, Power or Endurance for swimming, cycling, or running.
  • Heart rate or Power zones established based on testing.

$150 per month

Additional $50 per month if the athlete uses a Power Meter and needs detailed feedback.



Personal Sessions:

  • LT Tests- Bike and Run
  • Computrainer – spin scan analysis
  • Bike Fit
  • Bike Power Analysis
  • Swim Analysis
  • Run Analysis
  • Nutritional Consultation

Training plan consultation or modifications for non-MSP coach athletes available.

$50 per hour for non MSP coached athletes and $25 for coached




*6 month payment on any plan receives 10% discount.


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"I would not have had the tremendous Ironman experience I did without Kim bramblett's coaching and help."


~todd atkins

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